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The Sunday Read: These are the prospects Rangers Today wants to see while at minor-league camp

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Spring training, Rangers Today is coming.

The MLB labor impasse Tuesday must have visibly broken me, as for the first time since I’ve been covering the Rangers, Mrs. Wilson told me to go hop on a plane.

Granted, it’s minor-league spring training and it’s March 6 instead mid-February, but Arizona has been yanking at me for about a month now.

Truth be told, the Rangers’ farm system has more stories to tell than the big-league team does. Yes, Corey Seager and Marcus Semien stories haven’t been told in full, and they will in time.

But for the whole rebuild thing to really work, the Rangers need prospects to turn into quality big-league contributors and that makes this minor-league season as important as what happens in the majors.

The minors have been a focus of the Newsletter since our June launch, and many of the paid subscribers have latched onto that. You should, too, for only $5.99 a month or $60 a year.

I’m not sure what will shake out this week story-wise, but I know who I want to see.

Here are only a few.

Hey, I’m a baseball fan, too.

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