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The Sunday Read: Why the Rangers’ next manager could already be in charge

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October won’t be the time for anyone in the Rangers’ front office to catch up on rest.

The start of a typical offseason is busy enough, with cleaning up the just finished season and gearing up for player acquisition. This offseason, though, the Rangers’ top priority will be finding a new field manager after Chris Woodward was fired Monday.

Managerial searches are exhausting, and there is going to be a search.

Jeff Wilson

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  1. A Stephens August 21, 2022

    Yep. The way I read things after Woodward was let go, was that Daniels, and by extension Young, thought Beasley could be that right mix of fit, personality, and competence such as he saw in Ron Washington when he hired him. The interim status would provide a test to the theory. I’m in for that. Hopefully it plays out.

  2. Rangerfansince72 August 22, 2022

    Having met Tony Beasley I am partial to him for sure. He just seems well suited to be a big league manager and if not for his bout with cancer may very well have been one by now. I just think the world of him and would love to see him get the chance.

  3. Jimmie L August 22, 2022

    Just want them to do a thorough search. Beasley is a good story, but the history is thin on his managing ability. A good or bad minor league record tells you nothing. Late August & And September is not a good time to evaluate. Bad players make late season surge to make next years team.


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