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Thursday newsletter time: As Rangers’ offseason plan takes shape, biggest acquisition is manager

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The agent for Martin Perez was scheduled to meet Wednesday with Rangers general manager Chris Young to get the ball rolling toward what should be a slam dunk — working out an contract extension for the All-Star left-hander.

Perez would count as one pitcher added to the 2023 rotation to go with right-hander Jon Gray. Fellow righties Dane Dunning and Glenn Otto would compete for a spot should the Rangers not be able to land more starters via free agency or trade.

Jacob deGrom, Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw and Carlos Rodon can all be free agents, and the Rangers will have the money to land one. After they signed both Corey Seager and Marcus Semien last offseason, maybe the Rangers have the money to sign two starting pitcher.

Trades to fill out the rotation are a possibility, too.

MLB Trade Rumors published a post about the Rangers’ offseason Wednesday.

But the biggest acquisition the Rangers will make this offseason is the new manager. Interviews are under way, with interim manager Tony Beasley interviewing Friday. The new manager is expected to have a hand in selecting the new pitching coach. That’s a key hire, too.

For all the talent the Padres have as they take on the Dodgers in a National League Division Series, their biggest acquisition last offseason was manager Bob Melvin.

He came with instant credibility, created chemistry, managed egos and made the team better.

As highly as Young values chemistry, he’s going to aim high.

Do It For Durrett reminder

The eighth event for the Do It For Durrett Foundation, DIFD the Ocho, is Friday night at Four Corners Brewery in Dallas. Tickets are nearly gone, but I know somebody who could get you in as long as your wallet.

And one item in particular could get pretty pricey. Just remember: It’s for a great cause.

We will have a pair of autographed game-used Luka Doncic shoes, courtesy of the Dallas Mavericks. This is not our first pair of Doncic shoes. The first pair sold on the secondary market in the past year for more than $100,000.

Anthony Andro and I spent part of our Monday figuring out where to put all the memorabilia that we gathered for this year’s event. We had lots of help along the way, primarily from former Rangers manager Ron Washington, former pitching coach Mike Maddux, former president of baseball operations Jon Daniels, and clubhouse manager Brandon Boyd.

Daniels is one of six DIFD board members.

If you can’t make the event, you can always donate at our website.


When the kids are off school on a Monday, the week zooms by. I was shocked to find out that yesterday was, indeed, Wednesday, which felt like a Tuesday because the kids needed weekend-like attention Monday. I don’t want to say I’m behind, but that is the case perpetually. A few changes could be headed to Rangers Today, including a better email system that will result in more stuff in your inboxes. Stay tuned for that. Until then, here’s our latest in case you missed it.

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Doggy video!

I have a tree issue. Anyone know his number? Enjoy. See you Friday.


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