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Thursday newsletter time: Perspective on Rangers’ tough week from Tony Beasley

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ARLINGTON — While it was odd Wednesday to see Tony Beasley forced to answer questions about the Rangers’ future when his own future is not certain, he offered his usual words of wisdom.

The interim manager admitted that he didn’t want to be in the media room talking about Jon Daniels being fired as president of baseball operations after a 17-year run as the primary decision-maker. Beasley hates to see his friend go only two days after another friend, Chris Woodward, was fired.

Just as Monday wasn’t a day for Beasley to celebrate, Wednesday wasn’t a reason to celebrate either.

“He’s a friend first,” Beasley said. “He hired me eight years ago. He did a lot for me and my family. He’s been tremendous. Our relationship will go beyond the game of baseball, but there’s nothing good about this for me. I take no joy in speaking about this today. I usually don’t mind questions, but today I do.

“He’s special. He’s been professional, he’s been honest, he’s been everything I could ever imagine. He’s been with me through some tough times in my life personally. I’m just grateful for the opportunity that he gave me.”

The past three days have also reminded players, coaches and executives that while Daniels and Woodward took the fall for a lackluster season, though one still trending to be an improvement upon 2021, they all have a part in the struggles the Rangers have been unable to overcome this season.

“It brings to light the reality of how we perform and how it affects everyone involved,” Beasley said. “We always say we’re all in this together. We are because our livelihood is based on performance. That’s the business that we’re in. We accept that when we get into this industry.

“But it gives us a spark. It hits home, and we know that, hey, maybe there’s some things that we need to do better. Everyone’s responsible. It’s not just the people who are accountable at that moment. Everyone is responsible.”

Getting fired stinks. Things often work out for the best, and Daniels is going to land on his feet somewhere. If the 2023 or 2024 Rangers start to win with players drafted and acquired the past handful of years, Daniels’ fingerprints will be seen all over those clubs.

His fingerprints are all over the best seasons in franchise history. They are also all over what he’s done in the community, especially with the Do It For Durrett Foundation.

For now, though, he’s going to be at home more for his wife and kids. Maybe he will get his Orangetheory Fitness membership fired back up.

He’s looking forward to whatever is next.

As for what’s next for the Rangers, well, it’s only Thursday.

Ragans better, offense isn’t

Left-hander Cole Ragans would have been just fine Wednesday had Sean Murphy not been in the Oakland lineup.

But he was in there, and he took Ragans deep twice in a 7-2 victory. Murphy’s two homers brought in the three runs Ragans allowed in five innings, but it was an improvement for Ragans after allowing five runs in 4 1/3 innings last week at Houston.

Oakland scored four times in the eighth inning, but arguably could have scored none had Meibrys Viloria held onto a throw home from center fielder Leody Taveras for the first out.

The Rangers haven’t been able to collect the timely hit the past two games. They stranded six runners Wednesday with two outs and went only 2 for 9 with runners in scoring position.

Leadoff man Marcus Semien went 0 for 5 against his old team, is 0 for 9 the past two games, and is only 3 for 26 on the homestand.


ICYMI? I hope those who did, somehow, weren’t in a coma or in a Chinese prison. You know it’s big news when all the TV stations send a camera and their sports anchors, and they were present Monday and Wednesday for the firings. I like all those reporters, but, barring another firing, this is probably the last we will see them until maybe the season-ending post mortem. A Josh Jung MLB debut at home might do it. He hit another three-run homer Wednesday. For planning purposes, the Rangers are at Boston on Sept. 1, when active rosters expand. OK. Here’s our latest content, in case you missed it.

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Doggy video!

This one gave me a needed laugh. Enjoy. See you Friday.

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