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Thursday newsletter time: The first step of Rangers’ planned surge has arrived

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ARLINGTON — As of about 3 p.m. Wednesday, the Rangers still had 500 reserved seats available for Opening Day, which is, it turns out, today.

That’s a sellout. Happy Opening Day.

This will be No. 16 for me. The first was in 2008 at Seattle, where it was so cold it snowed.

The weirdest, other than the 2020 opener during the COVID pandemic, came in 2014. Tanner Scheppers, a top reliever in 2013, was the Opening Day starter as Yu Darvish was out with a neck strain.

The Rangers lost the opener to …. the Phillies, their opening foe today.

The Phillies are the reigning National League champions, having gone to the World Series as a wild-card team after winning 87 regular-season games.

The 2022 Rangers won 68. The 2023 Rangers fancy themselves as playoff contenders.

If 86 wins (Tampa Bay made it in ’22 at 86) or 87 is the minimum for the postseason this season, the Rangers will have to improve by 18 or 19 wins. That’s a huge jump.

But between the rotation and the lineup, the Rangers say they can do it.

Step 1 of 162 is this afternoon.

Roof matters

The Globe Life Field roof was open Wednesday as the Rangers went through one last workout before the regular season. The plan is for it to be open again today.

Weather could change that, though. The forecast has varied the past couple days, but as of Wednesday night was calling for increasing chances of thunderstorms from 2 p.m.-5 p.m.

The good thing about the roof is that it can be closed. It could be open for the pregame stuff, including a flyover, and then close if rain moves into the area.

If the pitchers get to make the call, the roof would never been opened They don’t like it when the wind blows out.

If I was in charge, the roof would never be opened. Whenever a team has the power to control the climate, it should. It should never be windy or chilly or hot or the slightest bit uncomfortable for anyone at a ballpark with a roof.

And the home team’s pitchers should be happy.

Unfortunately, that’s not my decision. Guess I better pack a blanket and some paper weights.


Opening Day has arrived. Left behind is a slew of stories and podcast episodes from spring training that are worth your while. They’re all housed at Rangers Today, along with our latest items. To read them, though, you need full access, and it can be had here for $5.99 a month, $35 for six months or $60 for a year. Links to our latest stuff is below, in case you missed it.

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