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Tuesday newsletter time: Tony Beasley is coming back to Rangers staff. This assistant must return, too.

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In 2014, the Rangers made a mistake when assembling manager Jeff Banister’s first coaching staff.

They let third-base and outfield coach Gary Pettis get away.

Pettis is a terrific coach. The Rangers didn’t miss him waving runners home, as Tony Beasley stepped into that role, but they did miss his help with the outfielders. Beasley was coaching infielders back then.

Beasley told Rangers Today on Sunday that he’s coming back.

The Rangers have another terrific coach in catching instructor Bobby Wilson. His prized pupils, Jose Trevino and Jonah Heim, finished 1-2 in this season framing. They finished in the top five in total defense for catchers. Sam Huff, who could see a hefty load of playing time next season, takes Wilson’s instruction as the gospel.

Letting Wilson get away would be a Pettis-like mistake.

The good news is that general manager Chris Young said on Monday that all of the holdovers from the 2022 coaching staff who were welcomed back are coming back, including Wilson. New manager Bruce Bochy didn’t object, so it must be true.

The Rangers are in the market for a pitching coach, and Young said the position will likely revert to a tradition role rather than the co-coaches the had in place the past two seasons with Doug Mathis and Brendan Sagara. Young and Bochy have a short list of candidates and will begin working through that soon.

It would seem that Bochy might want to bring in a coach or two of his own, and the Rangers wouldn’t object to that.

A spot is available if the Rangers go with one pitching coach.

They need to make sure Wilson returns, too.

Players on hand

A nice-sized group of players made its way to the Bochy news conference, including second baseman Marcus Semien and first baseman Nate Lowe. Left-handers Taylor Hearn and John King were there, as were infielder Josh Smith and right-handers A.J. Alexy and Josh Sborz.

Semien was coaxed into talking to the media. Growing up in the Bay Area, he said he rooted for the Giants-managed Bochy teams, including the 2010 team that beat the Rangers in the World Series. But when he was acquired by the A’s, he found out how difficult it can be to play a team led by Bochy in the annual Bay Bridge Series.

“My first year in 2015, the Giants were the defending champions, so going into SF and playing against his teams and how well he was doing as a manager was not fun,” Semien said. “They beat us up pretty bad. You just see a well-oiled machine with the teams that he manages. And like I said, a lot of that is the players it has. When you put the guys in the roles that they thrive in, I think it’s so much better for the team.”

Bochy said that he’s excited by the core group of Rangers players, including Semien and Lowe. Bochy likes young players like Josh Jung, though he may or might not have pronounced the J like a J instead of a Y.

He’ll have it right by spring training.

Rocker improves

Right-hander Kumar Rocker, the Rangers’ first-round draft choice this year (third overall), allowed one run in 2 2/3 innings Monday in his fourth start in the Arizona Fall League.

Rocker allowed three hits, walked two and struck out three while throwing 53 pitches/31 strikes. He allowed three runs in two innings last week.

Rangers catching prospect Cody Freeman said on the Rangers Today Baseball Podcast that Rocker is a stud.

“I’ve seen nothing but success,” Freeman said. “He’s on the mound. He’s doing his thing. He’s a pro. He got drafted where he should be. It’s a great pick. That dude’s going to be something special.”

Pirates prospect Henry Davis, the first overall pick in the 2021 draft ahead of the Rangers selecting Jack Leiter, caught Rocker on Monday.


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  1. Rangerfansince72 October 25, 2022

    Glad Beas is coming back. Having met the man, he is truly impressive and a huge asset for the club. You always need good dudes around and he’s a good dude!


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