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Tuesday newsletter time: Chris Young continues surrounding himself with his guys

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The Rangers set up an availability for Monday with general manager Chris Young to preview spring training, and then pulled a fast one.

They had some news, and then Ian Kinsler followed Young onto the dais in the media interview room at Globe Life Field.

Kinsler is back as a special assistant to Young, joining a star-studded group of former Rangers players from the World Series years. Michael Young, Colby Lewis and Darren Oliver are also special assistants, and so is Ivan Rodriguez and former MLB player Nick Hundley.

Four of them were teammates with Chris Young at one time or another, one level or another.

Young has surrounded himself with his guys, something that’s done by every GM and manager in the majors.

Lewis and Oliver were already in place when Young joined the organization, but Hundley, Kinsler and Dayton Moore, the Royals’ former president who signed Young in 2015, have been added since Young arrived. Moore and Kinsler were added this offseason.

Manager Bruce Bochy and associate manager Will Venable, also added this offseason, have ties to Young.

Even third-base coach Tony Beasley has ties to Young.

So, Young has ex-teammates and an ex-boss whose baseball acumen and character he trusts working with him on development and player personnel decisions, and ex-coaches on the field he trusts. Two front-office holdovers from the Jon Daniels era, Josh Boyd and Ross Fenstermaker, have also gained Young’s trust.

No wonder Young said he’s happy with how the front office has come together.

Pet projects

Kinsler pointed out that his home is 30 minutes away from Globe Life Field and 30 minutes away from Double A Frisco.

Marcus Semien isn’t going to need much help from Kinsler, but surely would take it from another fielding disciple of Ron Washington. Frisco, however, is going to have some infielders who could use some insight from Kinsler.

Frisco’s infield should include Luisangel Acuna and Thomas Saggese. Acuna is a shortstop who struggled some at Frisco last season after a promotion from High A Hickory. The Rangers are trying to determine if Saggese is better at second or third. Kinsler, a self-described overachiever, would be a fit with the scrappy Saggese.

Triple A Round Rock is going to have a one former Frisco player in particular who Kinsler can help.

Justin Foscue is also in position purgatory. He’s blocked by Semien at second base, so he will probably see a lot of time at third base. Well, he’s blocked there by Josh Jung.

But Foscue can really hit, and he would do well to listen to whatever Kinsler has to say. Plus, they have similar personalities and will probably hit it off.

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