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Tuesday newsletter time: Rangers’ pursuit of this bullpen arm should be a layup

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Up next on the Rangers’ to-do list, as general manager Chris Young said last week at the winter meetings, is an outfielder and a relief pitcher.

The free-agent outfield market has some names left on it, though none is Aaron Judge. Joey Gallo can hit the ball a long way and loves the Rangers. Michael Conforto didn’t play last season but has had a productive career. A trade for Bryan Reynolds has fans for many teams, including the Rangers, all riled up.

There are all kinds of relievers still available, even some All-Stars. There’s even one the Rangers should have an inside track toward signing.

Make that re-signing.

Left-hander Matt Moore remains unsigned after his banner 2022 with the Rangers. They helped him change the shape on his curveball, and he flashed some of his old fastball velocity when he needed it.

Moore is happy in the bullpen, and he’s probably happy with the shape of the market for the relievers who have signed. Now, he’s a little older and doesn’t have a lengthy history as a successful reliever, but he should still be due for a nice raise over the $2 million base salary he made last season.

He can pitch multiple innings, which would appear to be a necessity with the potential innings shortfall the Rangers are facing from the rotation.

This one should be a layup, but the Rangers have been known to take the 30-footer with a man in their face.

Another A’s catcher goes

Sean Murphy is on his way from Oakland to Atlanta, the biggest name in a three-team trade (Milwaukee) that should help all teams at some point. Murphy should be of immediate help to the Braves, who are locked in a three-way death match for the National League East title.

Had the A’s held onto their catching the past two offseasons, they would be entering 2023 with arguably the best young catching duo in baseball with Murphy and Jonah Heim. Oakland traded Heim to the Rangers just before spring training in 2021 in the Elvis Andrus trade.

That was a go-for-broke deal as the A’s tried to fill a hole on what was thought to be a playoff contending club. Their window has closed, and the A’s have spent the past 12 months dismantling their roster to begin a rebuild.

Maybe it will be done in time for a resolution to the stadium situation. MLB doesn’t seem particularly encouraged by the prospects of a new stadium in Oakland, and a move to Las Vegas (or elsewhere) seems like a more realistic possibility the longer the city drags its feet.


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