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Wednesday newsletter time: Rangers’ offense was dynamic in postseason

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The boy was home sick from school Monday, which meant a whole lot of YouTube videos were watched.

He watches some fairly ridiculous stuff, but he also watches a lot of baseball highlights. Since October, the Rangers have been dominating his feed.

What caught my attention was a video that showed every run scored by the Rangers in the postseason. There were a lot of them.

Their first four came without a home run, all in the wild-card opener against the Rays. Who delivered the first? Josh Jung on a sacrifice fly? Who scored it? Nathaniel Lowe.

Corey Seager scored the second on a wild pitch.

In the division series clincher against Baltimore, the Rangers broke open a 1-0 game in the second inning after Lowe opened with a 15-pitch at-bat against Dean Kremer. Mitch Garver had a two-out two-run double five batters later on Kremer’s 27th pitch of the inning, and Adolis Garcia followed with a three-run homer on Kremer’s 31st pitch of the frame.

The two main takeaways:

The Rangers dominated the first five games. They couldn’t have played much better.

The Rangers scored just about every way imaginable, but were especially tough with two outs.

Two-out runs are demoralizing to opponents.

Rumor of the day

Jon Morosi of mlb.com reported Tuesday that the Giants are hellbent on signing either Shohei Ohtani or MLB newcomer Yoshinobu Yamamoto as free agents.

The Giants, if memory serves, pulled out all stops two years ago to sign Carlos Correa, which they nearly did until they balked at his medicals, and last year to Aaron Judge, the hometown boy who ended up staying with the Yankees.

Similar to the Rangers landing Bruce Bochy last offseason, the Giants landed a successful manager in Bob Melvin last month. The circumstances were similar to how the Giants landed Bochy in October 2006.

Bochy was entering the final year of his contract with the Padres, and they wanted to go a different direction. They allowed him to interview with the Giants, and that was that. The Padres didn’t want Melvin to return for next season, so they let him interview with the Giants. That was that.

A strong manager might be inviting to a free agent who wants to win. The Rangers have both of those traits, too.

Garcia meets Luka

Garcia, MVP of the American League Championship Series, made it to the Mavericks’ home game Tuesday night against the Rockets and beforehand did a jersey exchange with NBA MVP candidate Luka Doncic.

Garcia sported a black t-shirt under the jersey he wore to the game, so as to not embarrass any of the Mavericks players. No one on either team has the kind of pipes that Garcia has.

Maybe they talked shop in Spanish. Doncic played professionally in Spain before coming to the NBA and is fluent in Spanish.

Garcia, from Cuba, speaks English and did so much more often this year, though he will use a translator in front of large audiences so that nothing is lost in translation.

Doggy video!

He also can bring his owner a beer from the fridge. Enjoy.


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