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Why didn’t Corey Seager have hernia surgery sooner? Rangers’ GM explains

(AP photo/Lindsey Wasson)


An impromptu Zoom call with the general manager usually doesn’t produce great news, and that was the case Tuesday with Rangers GM Chris Young.

He announced that star shortstop Corey Seager, the reigning World Series MVP, underwent surgery for a sports hernia and will miss most of spring training and possibly Opening Day.

The injury first became an issue in the postseason but definitely affected Seager during the run to the club’s first World Series title.

Doctors recommended rest. Seager rested, and when he started working out again, the discomfort was still there.

So, Fan Fest weekend became decision time. He could try to manage the injury for the next eight months, hoping it wouldn’t get any worse, or undergo surgery and ensure that it won’t be a problem once healed.

He chose the latter, only two weeks from the start of spring training. The surgery in Phoenix sure seems like it could have come sooner, right?

Jeff Wilson

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